Our Purpose

Everything we do as Bridge Builders is geared towards transforming Christian culture – those ways of thinking and acting that are part of the fabric of Christian life, and often go unexamined.

Christian communities do not “do conflict” very well

Peace-making and reconciliation are key ideas in the teaching of Jesus, but in Christian communities they are often a weak element of the culture. So when there is disagreement and tension amongst Christians, they can find themselves struggling.

What We Do

The core work of our staff consists of running a training programme and mediation service. We also respond to requests for training and help, including consultancy, facilitation and coaching. We maintain a network, and we share resources and ideas.


Training is the main thing we do:

  • A variety of practical workshops and courses
  • From one-off sessions to five-day residentials and extended programmes
  • Equipping Christians to lead more effectively, especially in the face of tensions and conflict

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Responding to requests

We can offer:

  • Tailor-made training or teaching – it can be part of your existing programme, or a conference
  • Support in challenging situations – e.g. coaching for leaders, or inter-personal mediation
  • Facilitation in a variety of settings – e.g. team-building, or making important decisions
  • Advice – e.g. designing processes for discussing difficult issues or building consensus

When our staff are unavailable to provide what you need, we may be able to find people in our network who can.

Sharing resources and ideas

  • The resources section of our web site has a growing collection of articles, reviews, bibliographic references and links
  • We are in touch with first-rate practitioners from the Mennonite Church, who helped to establish Bridge Builders in the early years
  • We aim to share practical experience and a theological basis for conflict transformation

Maintaining a network

  • We are in touch with hundreds of people who have done our training courses
  • Our network gives “added value” to our training programme