Alastair McKay recently asked Colin Moulds a few questions to introduce him to the Bridge Builders’ Network. Colin will take up the position as Bridge Builders’ new Executive Director in February 2015, with a two-month handover before Alastair steps down at the end of March.

Alastair: Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

Colin: I am a regular attender at our local parish church, St John the Baptist in Grove, near Wantage in Oxfordshire, where I am currently one of the church wardens. I am married to Jenny and we have four lovely children, Simon, James, Abby and Tim. Sadly all have now left home but we still see them regularly at family get-togethers. Before moving into the mediation field, I worked for Vodafone UK where I was involved in leading teams looking at business improvement and customer experience activities. Prior to Vodafone, I started my career as an engine fitter in the RAF.

Alastair: How did you first get involved with mediation and training work?

Colin: While at Vodafone I was asked to sort out an issue between my two colleagues. At the time I didn’t know that this was called mediation but found that I really enjoyed being involved helping people to address their conflicts in a positive way. Soon after that I went on a 6-day accredited workplace mediation training course. Subsequently I felt a real need to try and find ways of using mediation within a church context. I left Vodafone in 2008 and started a new career in workplace mediation and training. In 2009 I set up my own company and have been delivering mediation and training ever since. I became connected with the Oxford Diocese Mediation Team in 2012, which has led to my involvement in several mediation cases around the diocese.

Alastair: What attracted you to the role heading up Bridge Builders?

Colin: I believe passionately in the power of mediation and reconciliation between brothers and sisters in Christ who, for whatever reason, find it too difficult to address the issues between them on their own. When I first found out about mediation I knew I wanted to be involved in using the process within the church. The role as head of Bridge Builders gives me the opportunity to continue the good work already started by Alastair and the team and to promote the possibility that there are alternative ways of dealing with conflict and that the choice to do so is within everyone’s grasp.

Alastair: What are you looking forward to in your work with Bridge Builders?

Colin: I am looking forward to getting to know the team, both the Bridge Builders staff and also the associates who deliver such good work for Bridge Builders. I am also looking forward to developing my skills further, as both a mediator and trainer, and using those skills to promote the services that Bridge Builders provides. My biggest excitement though is in continuing the growth and influence that Bridge Builders is having on how the Christian church deals with and transforms conflicts within her midst.