Liz Griffiths joined the staff as Director of Training in May 2017, having previously been one of Bridge Builders’ team of Training Partners. Liz’s role includes overall responsibility for the training programme, leading courses and workshops and providing consultancy, facilitation and mediation services.

Liz is an Anglican Priest, was ordained in the Church in Wales and has served in city centre and urban estate parishes in both Wales and England, most recently in Winchester Diocese. Liz has also worked in theological education as Vice-Principal of the Eastern Region Ministry Course, helping to train ordained and lay ministers.

Liz lives with a gorgeous cat called Myla and is a doting auntie to two teenage nephews. She loves wildlife, is a keen birdwatcher and will talk endlessly about red kites and woodpeckers! She is currently trying to extend her range by learning about different species of bees. She is also a lover of opera, and follows sport of all kinds, although she admits her days of playing cricket are now behind her.

Liz has been passionate about issues of peace and justice since her student days and sees the work of Bridge Builders as part of her vocation in living out of the Gospel of reconciliation.